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About The Course

Power BI is mainly utilized as an data visualization tool by most industries. Main sectors where this tool is utilized are IT / Software companies, recruitment industries, financial organizations, hospitality industry and retail sectors. Power BI is an amalgamation of apps, software services and connectors that work together to convert the unrelated sources of data into visually immersive and interactive insights. Power BI has basically become a top rated tool by most organizations as it has easy efficiency, has no power and speed issues.

Power BI can handle a lot of data which other tools might be incapable of handling. It easily combines with the current running software too.

Course Name

Power BI

Course duration

40-50 Hrs


Real time Expert


Live Classes

Power Bi Training Course Content:

  • Different data sources (excel,csv,Sql server,ssas,web)
  • Data types and Categories
  • Direct Query And Import and Live connection
  • Parameters in power BI
  • Caliculate Column Vs Calculated Measures
  • All Transformation Options in EDIT Query Window
  • How to create Customer Function
  • How to Invoke Custome Function
  • Templates in power BI
  • Synanoyms in Power BI
  • Hierarchies in Power BI
  • import Excel workbook content
  • Modeling and Filters in PowerBI

  • cross filter direction in modeling
  • Bins and list in Grouping
  • Theams in powerbi
  • Custome visualls
  • Filters(Visual Level,Report Level ,Page Level,Drill through) in PowerBI Desktop
  • Scatter chart by using play axis option
  • word cloud
  • slicer
  • Archimaps enablement in powerBI Desktop and service
  • Power BI publisher for Excel
  • Quick measures
  • Publish reports to PowerBI Online

  • Introduction to Power BI Service
  • How to create Dashboards
  • Delivery Methods Of Dashboard
  • How to create power BI Apps
  • Data Gateways and schedule refresh
  • Row Level Security
  • Row Level Security in Power BI Desktop
  • Row level security in Power BI Service
  • Row level security in power BI dynamic
  • Power BI Reporting Services
  • Q&A Natural Language Processing option in Power BI
  • Quick Insights
  • Dashboards and Pins - Real-time Usage
  • Dynamic Data Sources and Encryptions
  • Personal and Organizational Content Packs
  • Gateways, Subscriptions, Mobile Reports
  • Data Refresh with Power BI Architecture
  • PBIX and PBIT Files with Power BI - Usage
  • Visual Data Imprts and Visual Schemas
  • Cloud and On-Premise Data Sources
  • Relation between Dashbaords to Reports
  • Relation between Datasets to Reports
  • Relation between Datasets to Dashboards
  • Page to Report - Mapping Options
  • Publish Options and Data Import Options
  • Need for PINS @ Visuals and PINS @ Reports

  • Purpose of Data Analysis Expresssions (DAX)
  • Scope of Usage with DAX. Usabilty Options
  • DAX Context : Row Context and Filter Context
  • DAX Entities : Calculated Columns and Measures
  • DAX Data Types : Numeric, Boolean, Variant, Currency
  • Date time Data Tye with DAX. Comparison with Excel
  • DAX Operators & Symbols. Usage. Operator Priority
  • Parenthesis, Comparison, Arthmetic, Text, Logic
  • DAX Functions and Types: Table Valued Functions
  • Filter, Aggregation and Time Intelligence Functions
  • Information Functions, Logical, Parent-Child Functions
  • Statistical and Text Functions. Formulas and Queries
  • Syntax Requirements with DAX. Differences with Excel
  • Naming Conventions and DAX Format Representation
  • Working with Special Characters in Table Names
  • Attribute / Column Scope with DAX - Examples
  • Measure / Column Scope with DAX - Examples
  • YTD, QTD, MTD Calculations with DAX
  • DAX Calculations and Measures
  • Computations using STDEV & VAR
  • Time Intelligence Functions with DAX
  • Data Analysis Expressions and Functions
  • KPIs with DAX. Vertipaq Queries in DAX
  • IF..ELSEIF.. Conditions with DAX
  • Slicing and Dicing Options with Columns, Measures
  • DAX for Query Extraction, Data Mashup Operations
  • Calculated Columns and Calculated Measures with DAX

  • R language integration with Power BI
  • M language in Power BI Desktop


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BI covers functions from software development to strategic planning. Hence a person with previous SQL knowledge and basic programming skills can opt for this course. However, at IT Tuition we train basics and then approach towards the course training hence one needs not to worry.

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