Scrum Master Learning

Scrum Master Training:

Overview of the course:

Scrum master plays a vital role to facilitate the entire process in the scrum development framework. A scrum master functions as a center point and gets the work done from the staff working on different projects.He/she ensures that the tasks assigned are carried out properly by helping the team members in moving the tasks systematically.

By using the collaboration software the teams do the documentation work and group communication. Scrum master establish the workflows and is in charge of the tasks. Scrum master facilitates daily standups and takes a lead in communicating the details assigned to each team mate.

Course Name

Scrum Master

Course duration

40-50 Hrs


Real time Expert


Live Classes

Scrum Master Course Content

  • Login to the CSM
  • CSM Basics
  • Create a New Page
  • Homepage Template
  • Name Your Page & Insert Metadata
  • Save a Page
  • Add Content to a Page
  • Format Text
  • Edit an Existing Page
  • Locking a Page
  • Links & Anchor Links
  • Upload Files
  • Images
  • Embed Videos
  • Copy
  • Move/Rename/Delete
  • Search
  • History & Versions
  • Publish
  • Un-publish
  • Advanced Features & Scripts
  • Styles


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